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Tips about SEO for Photographers 

SEO for Photographers

The world of SEO for Photographers is a bit of a sleeping dragon, but one you’ll eventually have to wake up to get the attention that your professional photography business deserves. Trying to understand how search engines will notice you among the other photography entrepreneurs who are all seeking to gain the same attention can…

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Airstream2Go Airstream Square Shooting

The thing we love about our job more than anything else, is the all adventures that we get to partake in! Our pals over at Airstream2Go gave us an unforgettable assignment last month to create some outstanding images of their new office model. An Airstream is such a stylish and unique subject, we had to…

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Restore and Recreate

We LOVE a challenge! So when the City of Las Vegas reached out to us with a new one, we were eager to help out. The request was to photograph an outdoor mural in a very high quality format, then digitally enhance and restore the mural to it’s original colors and design. With a long-term plan to have the photo…

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Staying Cool When it’s Super Hot

marketing photography marketing photographer Las Vegas The Linq Pool

If you live in Vegas, you are no stranger to temperatures in the triple digits. Most likely you know a few tricks to avoid that summer heat and keep it cool. Real, real cool.  Here are a few DO’s and DON’Ts we have picked up along the way.  •DO keep a sunshade (not the Millennium…

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Square Shooting Receives Mayor’s Urban Design Award for Public Art

  Yesterday was a major milestone in our lives that we will likely never forget.  We were honored to accept the Mayor’s Urban Design Award for Public Art for 2015 in recognition of our photography exhibit: ‘In Focus, Downtown Architecture’. Without a doubt, this one of the proudest and most humbling experiences of our career…

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