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Staying Cool When it’s Super Hot

marketing photography marketing photographer Las Vegas The Linq Pool

If you live in Vegas, you are no stranger to temperatures in the triple digits. Most likely you know a few tricks to avoid that summer heat and keep it cool. Real, real cool.  Here are a few DO’s and DON’Ts we have picked up along the way.  •DO keep a sunshade (not the Millennium…

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Square Shooting Receives Mayor’s Urban Design Award for Public Art

  Yesterday was a major milestone in our lives that we will likely never forget.  We were honored to accept the Mayor’s Urban Design Award for Public Art for 2015 in recognition of our photography exhibit: ‘In Focus, Downtown Architecture’. Without a doubt, this one of the proudest and most humbling experiences of our career…

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Square Shooting Professional Photography Las Vegas

Square Shooting is a commercial photography partnership, owned and operated by photographers Jennifer Burkart and Ryan Reason. Before opening the studio doors in Downtown Las Vegas in July 2013, the two have worked, independently and cooperatively, on art and commercial photography projects for nearly a decade. Born in the midwest, Jennifer Burkart made her home…

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