With our business located downtown, we Squares love seeing our fellow downtown business owners succeed. It is even more satisfying when they sustain such longevity as the acclaimed Globe Salon. Owners Staci Linklater and James Reza opened their doors in 2000 and from day one were making plans to relocate to Downtown Las Vegas as soon as possible. By 2008 they made the move and opened on the first floor of the newly completed Soho Lofts on Las Vegas Blvd. At that time, Downtown was barely a […] Continue reading →

Rick and Kelly of Rick's Restoration Las Vegas

One of the best things about our job is we never know where it’s going to take us or who we will get to meet next. Recently we we’re tasked with capturing the stars of the History Channel’s American Restoration: Rick and Kelly Dale. Rick got his first taste of reality tv stardom by being a local expert for the show Pawn Stars, but soon he and Kelly and the rest of their crew at Rick’s Restoration were offered their own show. After six seasons, the Dale’s are internationally […] Continue reading →

We have been at this game long enough to not even think twice if someone needs an architecture exterior captured. No problem friends, Square Shooting has your back. When the request goes beyond just capturing an image of a structure, but also includes providing a final prooduct that can be printed at scale in another location… Well we still have your back, we just have some additional problem solving to figure out. That is exactly what we had the chance to provide for Sletten […] Continue reading →

  Yesterday was a major milestone in our lives that we will likely never forget.  We were honored to accept the Mayor’s Urban Design Award for Public Art for 2015 in recognition of our photography exhibit: ‘In Focus, Downtown Architecture’. Without a doubt, this one of the proudest and most humbling experiences of our career thus far. Our seldom-mentioned gallery show at City Hall this past fall was selected over several prominent public art project around the Las […] Continue reading →

Band Photography Kid Meets Cougar

If you’re anything like us, your life is moved, motivated and surrounded by music. There is few things better than putting on your favorite album, plugging in the headphones, turning up the volume and tuning out the world. Being photographers, we love the opportunity to work with musicians to create images for their promotional materials. It’s a thrill to try and condense a band’s sound and aesthetic into an image; translating ‘audio’ into ‘visual’. Whenever we get to work […] Continue reading →

To say the last couple of months have been exciting ones for us Squares would be a like saying Lake Mead is a little low right now. Not only did our much anticipated gallery show of architecture around Downtown Las Vegas finally open at City Hall’s Chamber Gallery, but we also managed to get quite a bit of press about it as well. And if there’s one thing we love more then bicycles and beanie weather, it’s seeing our names in print. Back on August 12th, before we began the publicity […] Continue reading →

While our official Square Shooting anniversary isn’t until May 31st, we celebrated a little early this year with our friends and neighbors. Our beloved building, Downtown Spaces, had a big party on April 25th to commemorate the second year that the building has been open as it’s acclaimed ‘creative hive’ incarnation. Almost all the tenants in the building opened their doors to show off their galleries, businesses, and community spirit to the public who came out to enjoy the […] Continue reading →

Living in Las Vegas means more than just neon lights and celebrity DJ’d megaclubs. It also means being surrounded by hundreds of miles of desert and the great American freedom of enjoying a vast empty space with nothing around but the yucca trees. And when you get there, you whip out your arsenal and blast the shit out of a few things. When our dear and proudly Native Nevadan friend told us she wanted to celebrate her birthday by getting back to her cowboy roots, we were only to excited […] Continue reading →

Only sixteen months into this venture that is Square Shooting and we have been awarded our biggest contract to date. We could not be more proud or excited about this opportunity, and we have been dying to tell you all about it for months! At the end of April of this year, the Office of Cultural Affairs for the City of Las Vegas issued a call to photographers for an assignment to create a series of photographs of architecturally significant buildings in Downtown Las Vegas. This collection of […] Continue reading →

Over 2,000 hits in under 48 hours! And no, we are not talking about your mom (boom!)…. Square Shooting made their very first music video for the song “Hipster” by the local punk band The Quitters. Are you scratching your head right now trying to figure out why a photography studio would make a music video? Just so happens, we dabble in the video world. In fact, I would go as far as to say our dabbling has turned in to some pretty solid skills. We have been part of award […] Continue reading →